What’s a WordNerd?

Michelle knew she wanted be a writer from the day she learned her ABCs. She’d always dreamt of seeing her books on display at Barnes and Noble.

But just how did one go about doing that? She didn’t quite know.

So, after earning a B.A. in English from Franklin & Marshall College, she went back for a master’s degree in education. She figured she’d teach high school and write during the summers. But there was one small problem with that. She found she didn’t like teaching.

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Ad World

Luckily, while she was finishing her degree, she worked at a Philadelphia advertising agency and discovered the field of commercial writing—or copywriting.

Two agencies and too many late-nighters later, she retired from the agency biz and went in-house at an insurance company.

When it was time to move on, she joined the world’s second-largest CAD software company. Then she met Prince Charming, moved to Maryland, and began working with another CAD software firm.

But Michelle had been moonlighting all along and soon took the leap to full-time freelancing.

From B2B to C2B


has nearly 20 years of B2B and B2C copywriting experience.

She started with statement stuffers.That progressed to ads and taglines, bus backs and billboards, news releases and newsletters. She soon expanded her writing repertoire to include collateral and case studies, direct mail and email marketing, flyers and feature articles, and point-of-purchase displays and podcasts.

And, of course, all kinds of online

content, too.

So, what exactly does WordNerd do?

See what WordNerd does.