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Objective: develop (from a mile-high pile of paperwork that included charts, statistics, competitors’ packages, etc.) and execute a brochure concept for corporate clients of a large insurance and financial services company to offer employees to encourage them to contribute to their 401(k)s.

Solution: a detective concept for a user-friendly package called “Taking the Mystery out of Retirement Planning: Clues to Your 401(k). Comprised of a folder, a 16-page booklet and stacked inserts, the package walks (figuratively and literally–see the footprints?) the reader through the process of retirement planning and investing in a 401(k) plan step by step.

Building a Better Workforce Brochure Cover Objective: help a national organization that evaluates unemployed or underemployed job seekers’ skills to place these individuals into openings matching their qualifications build strategic partnerships with businesses seeking job candidates.

Solution: copy focusing on the company’s core capabilities and strengths and featuring client testimonials to build credibility.

Objective: develop multipurpose copy for a consumer product brochure to be used as a hand out at trade shows, at point of purchase for consumers, and as a B2B and B2C direct mailer using rough content provided.

Solution: draft two versions of copy incorporating statistics, diagrams, photos, etc., for both audiences.

Sell Sheets

Buan Consulting Brochure Cover The objective: promote a new custom software application for a software integrator.

The solution: develop a 2-sided data sheet that communicates the features and benefits of the new app, as well as seasoned expertise of the consulting firm.

Objective: develop a down and dirty data sheet to promote a leading CAD company’s entire product line be used as an inexpensive, eye-catching handout at the most celebrated techno-expo, Macworld.

Solution: a 2-sided data sheet that screams benefits but also gives a peak under the hood of the each product.

Secure Technologies Group Flyer Objective: attract the attention of lunch-time pedestrian traffic comprised of highly skilled professionals with top security clearance to apply for highly desirable, highly compensated top-secret positions of a competing company.

Solution: position the company as very desirable to work for, promote the jobs as highly compensated with unparalleled benefits, and present the work as exciting, enticing, and essential to the safety of our nation in poster and flyer format. Oh, and with a graphic that represents the global information security industry and really sucks the viewer into the headline (really, see for yourself).

Case Studies

VectorWorks Brochure Objective: elevate software company’s brand and products to prospects.

Solution: showcase high-profile users with high-profile clients and projects case studies. In this case, the set fabrication firm that constructs TV show sets for The Jon Stewart Show, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC and ESPN, among others.

Objective: draft a case study that subtly sells a consulting firm’s capabilities and competencies by showcasing a customer success story.

Solution: using a PowerPoint presentation, confidential client communications and the start of a very rough client draft, interview client for more background information to develop a compelling narrative detailing a customer’s challenges and the client’s solutions. Read more: Global Chemical Company Positions for Strategic Sales Success

Case Study Cover Art Objective: convince industrial product designers that PulseCore’s patented Timing-Safe technology is the cat’s pajamas when it comes to reducing peak EMI levels, meeting FCC compliance and eliminating costly last-minute system redesign.

Solution: make circuit boards sexy and accessible. And what could be sexier and more in your face than big ole LCD TVs. But remember, it’s not the size of your LCD TV that matters, it’s the EMI level it has.

Trade Publication Features

Wash Trends Newsletter Cover Objective: provide resources for car wash owner-operators to tap into when seeking information and other opinions.

Solution : interviewed several owner-operators to gather input to draft an article with anecdotes and advice based on their experiences, because peer support is a powerful resource.

Landscape Architect

The assignment: turn what started out as a more salesy product schpiel into a more editorially acceptable feature.

The solution: put a slightly different spin on the original copy, highlighting how the product was used on a project and how it helped make the project a success, rather than how great the product is (because the reader would infer that message anyway).

Direct Mail

“I love, love, love the postcard ideas. They are clever, creative, attention-getting, and on-point, given people’s financial woes right now. The campaign really relays my breadth of experience and services. And each card is educational. You covered all my bases, WordNerd. Love it!”

– Karen Fazekas

Principal, Karen Fazekas Interiors

Karen Fazekas Interiors Direct Mail Piece Karen Fazekas Interiors Direct Mail Piece Karen Fazekas Interiors Direct Mail Piece

Email Marketing

“The eblasts are working out great! I’m getting gigs.”

– Terry Antoniuk, House Specials Personal Chefs & Caterers

House Specials Email Blast House Specials Email Blast


Gold Standard Newsletter Cover Objective: present corporate news, messaging and announcements, as well as competitive intelligence, sales tips and training information, in a communication for the sales force of one of a leading biopharmaceutical company’s top-performing products for chronic kidney disease, PROCRIT®.

Solution: a reader-friendly tabloid-sized newsletter the corporation values as an essential tool for delivering critical information, driving motivation and boosting team confidence.

Krystal Klear Newsletter Cover Objective: communicate up-to-date corporate announcements, product news, sales figures and incentives, and competitive intelligence to the sales force of a new player in the pharmaceutical industry with a groundbreaking product in its market.

Solution: a biweekly PDF that includes a motivational introduction from key executives, product news briefs, sales success stories, and corporate news to inform and inspire the sales force of a relatively new but rapidly growing company to promote KRYSTEXXA™, a product that boldly goes where none has gone before: treating chronic refractory gout.

Objective: reformat and enhance existing newsletter to drive open rates and web site click throughs.

Solution: added additional content, including case study, resources section, and hyperlinks to provide customer success story, direct reader to web site provide valuable outside information.


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